lsmithola.jpg So, one of 1UP's newest employees, Luke Smith, who handles news for them, has been causing all kinds of media havoc with his post on Square Enix's hilarious embargo attempts on the already Japanese-released Valkyrie Profile 2.

He was man enough to paste the entire email from the Squeenix crazies, which explained: "The following areas are embargoed until the corresponding dates: * 6.23.2006 - Dipan, Dipan Castle, Royal Underground Path, Kythena Plains, Coriander, Sedberg Mountain Runes, Turgen Mine, Vilnore; * 6.30.2006 - Ancient Forest, Audola Temple on the Lake, Kalstad, Surts Volcano Caverns", and so on.

Of course, you just know that the Japanese game media (where posting mag scans can get you convicted in court, last we heard!) would follow this type of thing slavishly, but Smith is right to comment of this particular request: "Information that exists in the public domain cannot, should not and most importantly won't be relegated to silence. Ultimately doing so flies in the face of the very people you and your company need (especially with VP2) to attract -- gamers."

Arguably even more interesting is another recent blog post by Agent Smith, this one discussing why: ""No Comment" is PR's attempt to brush of the pursuit of information -- which, more than rewriting press releases, should be the onus of responsibility for News Editors". He then goes on to explain how he played hardball with one particular Q&A in which "the developer had [only] answered three or four of the questions from a 20+ question list we sent over". It's pleasing to see a world where the journalists exercise a little control over the PR people, not vice versa, and where people care enough about news to make a stand. Let's keep it up, hip hip!