pacman3.gif RedWolf's extremely entertaining Hacksterpiece Theater column, "devoted to fun, odd, and interesting retro game hacks", is continuing with a look at some more early DahrkDaiz hacks, in this case Pac Man III and Mega Man Challenge.

Both are neat, but Pac Man III is the most fun: "DahrkDaiz designed 32 new levels for a wide-eyed Pac-Man to chomp his way through. Some of them are on the traditional side of things (ho-hum square-ish), while some are quite devious (invisible walls!). Never one to just modify a few tiles and walk away, DD had to provide a completely new feature or two."

What's there? "In this case, he provided a new way to play the levels: on the title screen, you can select either “Linear” play, which takes you through the boards in sequential order, or “Random” play, in which (surprise!) you play the boards in a random order. DD also added a pellet counter in the upper-right portion of the screen which keeps track of how many pellets you have left to eat before completing the board." Awesome stuff, again!