gorkam.jpg Randomly stumbling around the Web, we found a fun scan of a Sega Dreamcast brochure over at X-Cult, which looks like it dates from around 2000, and includes a number of unreleased Dreamcast titles left over at the end of the console's lifetime.

Particularly notable are three titles from Ripcord Games, which was, surprisingly, the entertainment software label of Panasonic Interactive Media (and publisher of Postal, even!) until a management buyout in 1999, but ended up going belly-up without publishing any of its Dreamcast titles.

These titles (here's a press release from the time) included Legend/Quest Of The Blade Masters, Spec Ops MOUT, and Gorkamorka, which was a racing title based on the Warhammer 40,000 boardgaming title - but none of them actually made it out. Oddly enough, Gorkamorka was based on the Jeff Gordon Racing game engine, though - weird - I remember a co-worker getting a PC Beta version of it because he was an insane Warhammer fan, and it was... alright.