mariodan.jpg The totally great Life Meter Comics has added a new entry to its LJ blog, and it's pure serendipidity - an amazing Mario character montage by artist Dan Schoening.

Dan writes: "Basically the piece was inspired by my artist friend Tim Kelly. He suggested I do a line up of Mario characters. Instead, I decided to make it more pin up like, and throw in as many characters that I enjoyed from the Mario series into it. The art itself was also a test in a new more fluid style, as I normally have a more angular feel to my work."

[Oh, and before we forget, Life Meter has a mini comic currently in production, and as they mention: "Guys, this mini has 90% NEW MATERIAL NOT CURRENTLY ON THE SITE. There's some Life Meter favorites (like Bannister right on the cover, there) and lots of new faces (like Natasha Allegri on the back)." Looks like you can pick it up at Comic Con and other small-press events in the U.S. this year.]