hungit.jpg1UP's ever-lovin' Jane Pinckard has posted a good thinkpiece reflecting on a recent Esquire column by Chuck Klosterman which asks: "There is no Lester Bangs of video games. Why?"

Klosterman, as can be seen, isn't really a video game guy, so it isn't necessary his fault that he doesn't know about a lot of the great, progressive game journalism going on outside the GamePro-s of this world. Pinckard is also right to note: "Maybe there is no Lester Bangs of videogames because there's no Lester Bangs of ANY medium. Not anymore."

However, Pinckard goes further regarding the whole 'NGJ' issue: "The problem is, no one really cares for the stuff beyond a small group of like-minded folks who are mainly writers and developers. Gamers, for the most part, don't care to read about how a game makes you feel. Without an audience, fine writers who style themselves critics languish unread on blogs or in tiny niche websites."

Wait, which one of the above are we, again? Damn! Oh, and one other point - a lot of writers that become legends are feared and rejected, even by a lot of the mainstream media, in their everyday careers. Seriously - read Hunter Thompson's colected letters and check out how much material he didn't get published. So... the stars of today may not be the stars of tomorrow? [And nope, not really sure why Hung is here either. His name was just alliterative, I think, plus he personifies how things can be popular despite their, uhm, quality.]