kohnes.jpg OK, we're, like, totally lying, but Wired News' Chris Kohler did indeed post a fun photo-essay about getting Final Fantasy III for Famicom working on his U.S. NES in which he tries to choke himself with pungent NES case smoke.

He explains: "When I said I'd pretty much come up empty on previous thrift-store runs, I forgot that I found a beat-up old copy of the Famicom game Final Fantasy III at a Goodwill for $4. The perfect guinea pig for my experiment, as it's not exactly rare and not in good shape, either. Could I run it on my NES?"

The answer is yes, if there are amusing Ouendan-style cries for help involved, and the following PSA is heavily involved in the whole ether-soaked mess: "Game|Life Safety Tip: If you are going to hold a small piece of plastic in your hand while you set it on fire with a cigarette lighter, make sure to do it on the roof of your apartment building. This will make sure that the acrid black smoke that ensues will dissipate into the atmosphere instead of into your face, and also ensures that your screams of pain will carry farther."