jagcolor.jpg Once again, AtariAge comes up trumps, with a new post revealing that issue #6 of Atari Jaguar-related zine Jagwired is now available in PDF form.

The official Jagwired site explains: "Jagwire Magazine will be printed every 2 - 3 months and will cover the Atari Jaguar and Lynx gaming platforms. The magazine will have all the latest news, game tips and cheats, event coverage, reader feedback, new game and hardware coverage, interviews, and stories from fellow game collectors."

Looks like the download site for the PDF is a bit slow, but Jagwired itself is a fun 45-page zine trawl through Jaguar fandom, including some amazing custom-molded Jaguar cart casings - it's noted: "No two cartridges are the same as each one is hand made; the production rate is a massive 3 a day maximum! Each cart is then allowed to harden a further 3 days whilst on a former of its opposite half, to make sure the fit is perfect."

What's more: "Some games naturally lend themselves to a specific color scheme – Doom for example Orange and red, Iron Soldier Blue, Alien v Predator Purple, and Bubsy Yellow are just some that have been suggested. But in the end, the only limit is your imagination!" There are also some neat pics of a purple sparkly Jaguar cart case (hah!) - fanboy overload.