compute.jpg The ever-indispensible AtariAge has updated, revealing that a set of new issues of vintage computer programming/game mag Compute! are online, thanks to curator Kevin Savetz.

Not just scanned pages, apparently, "the full text of 21 additional issues of Compute! magazine have been put online. This includes the magazine's first issue (Fall 1979), several issues from the period 1981 through 1983, and then others from 1989 through 1990. Compute! was published from 1979 through September 1994, covering every major computer platform (including Atari computers) until it became a PC-only publication in May 1988. Thus far, the full text of 44 issues of Compute! is available at"

Even better, I did a follow-up email to check with Kevin, since he says on his site that he "has received permission from the magazines' publishers to make the material available on the Internet for free", and it certainly seems like he really asked the rights-holders and they said yes (he's a little vague about this so that they don't get lots of people bothering them) - so it's great to see authorized online resources like this.

[Heck, anything that has Player-Missile Graphics with the ATARI Personal Computer System by Chris Crawford, reprinted from the January 1981 issue, is good with us! Also great: Are Computers A Home Appliance? by Fred D'lanazio, from 1984. Go poke around some!]