srunner.jpgPhilip Richardson, who, apart from being a semi-keen Shadowrun fan, works as a Program Manager in Microsoft's CRM team, has been blogging extensively about his concern over the new FASA Shadowrun Xbox 360/PC game, according to an interesting NeoGAF post - many were a little perturbed to find out that it's an FPS, and not an RPG or MMORPG.

But as Richardson explains in a recent weblog post: "As mentioned earlier I had lunch with the Shadowrun team today. I was invited over to FASA studios (part of the Microsoft Game Studios) because I'd had some passionate things to say about their new game. I also brought along a couple of other gamers: Adam and Tim who are also long term SR fans."

Richardson's conclusions? "So I played the game and let just say this: it's good. Yes folks: it's share price increasingly good... Artwork: Feels like Shadowrun. Good Job! The SR universe has a lot of different types of artwork (as Tim pointed out yesterday). From the gritty stuff in the early source books to the more cartoonish work in the more recent editions. Gameplay: Feels like Shadowrun. One particulary moment struck me as 'very' Shadowrun: When I saw an Elf meld through a wall carrying a submachingune. Backstory: Needs some work here. A bit of butchered Shadowrun. My advice to FASA: Cut it out. You don't need much backstory for a squad shooter!" There's lots more info on the game at the official Shadowrun site.