browne.gif For those wondering why updates will be a little bit slow today, that's because we're at the GDC Focus On Game Advertising Conference in San Francisco (both reporting on for Gamasutra, and moderating a panel), thus... you won't see so many wacky NES garage sales posts!

Nonetheless, the Microsoft keynote, as covered on Gamasutra, is actually pretty neat - Microsoft's Kevin Browne commented that the company's wholly owned Massive Inc. subsidiary is "reaching out to Sony and reaching out to Nintendo" to help get a standard for in-game ads, and commented that completely different ad serving technology would simply not work, he believed: "We're going to hold ourselves back."

So, in other words, Microsoft wants to set the standard, which could be a big deal for making in-game ads more prevalent (and relevant). Oh, and in other news, Frank is at the Sex In Games Conference, so were he to post, it'd probably be much more 'perky'. But also NSFW, so there! More later..