hotlist.jpg We got a press release from the Fox-y folks at IGN announcing the IGN Hotlist Magazine Vol.1, which apparently "counts down the hottest pin-ups in videogames -- featuring exclusive artwork and photography of gamers' favorite butt-kicking babes."

You can get both a digital edition and a limited-edition print version of the vaguely tawdry book, which apparently "will also be enjoyed by art aficionados who appreciate interactive entertainment's emergence as the dominant creative medium of the 21st century. Page after page of full-color." Oh, and bewbs - this seems similar to Play Magazine's Girls Of Gaming series, which is also offered by IGN digitally.

[For future reference, the HotList "...includes Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Kristinna Loken (BloodRayne), Michelle Rodriguez (BloodRayne), Christy Hemme (WWE Diva), Kasumi (DOA), Torrie Wilson (WWE Diva), Trish Stratus (WWE Diva), Fara (Prince of Persia), Carmen Electra (Def Jam: Fight for NY), Rachel (Ninja Gaiden Black), Dawn Star (Jade Empire), Tala (Darkwatch), Anesthesia (Rumble Rose Series), Sgt. Clemente (Rumble Rose Series), Brooke Burke (Need for Speed Underground 2), Mileena (Mortal Kombat Series), Joanna Dark (Perfect Dark), Lil' Kim (Def Jam: Fight for NY) and more!" So there.]