dcdc.jpg That's right, they're now manufacturing watch sized Dreamcasts in a secret factory in Taipei and... oh, OK, we just totally hallucinated that after downing a couple of Red Bull Sugar Free-s too quickly. What's actually happened is that, bizarrely, IGN has restarted its Sega Dreamcast section in time for the slow summer months, and are now rapidly justifying it.

Judging by the lemur saying that they're fired, and the note that their bosses "would only consent if we did it on our own free time, outside of our normal three hour IGN work day", this is not the main thrust of the site's summer programming, but there's a complete list of DC titles ready for reviewing anyhow.

One of the first to be revisited is Midway's San Francisco Rush 2049, well worth reading purely for Hilary Goldstein's extended metaphor of the year: "Playing SF Rush is like trying to score with a girl in high school. You can always take the long road if you're patient or you can try and navigate the shortcuts from first base to third. The risks are many and, more often than not, lead to some painful crashes. But it's worth it for those few times you actually make it through to the finish."

You may find that it's additionally amusing if you keep extending the metaphor into the next paragraph: "You have to know the shortcuts (which are many) and have the skill to navigate through some very tight terrain." Tight terrain? Oh my. (And yes, Hilary is a guy.)