joshharmonix.jpg Over at blog PixelSumo, they've got a video link to a lecture by Josh Randall, Creative Director of Harmonix Music, on the excellent subject ‘Interactive Music for the Masses’ - and he should know, having directed Guitar Hero!

The full info on the talk, which happened at the Cybersonica 06 Festival at The Science Museum in London, explains: "Josh Randall will discuss his experience at Harmonix Music, from the company’s origins as a funky interactive music startup, to its growth into North America’s leading music game studio... He’ll look at some of the pitfalls of designing interactive music products for a mass audience and describe lessons learned from over 6 years of music game development."

What's more, in the lecture, which is hosted at, Randall discusses "...the role of creative expression within the game space, and how new interfaces and controllers are changing the way we interact with our music and TV’s. Music gaming is bringing more and more people together every day, so what is the social impact of these games?"