kook.jpg Over at mobile gaming site Modojo, they've added an interesting editorial on how hardcore gamers and mobile games intersect - more than some might think?

Editor Justin Davis argues of cellphone titles: "I'm not trying to convince mobile gaming skeptics to begin browsing their phone weekly for hot new games or to check Modojo multiple times throughout the day for the latest mobile gaming reviews, news, or media. Mobile phones will never be the primary gaming platform for many enthusiast gamers. What I am suggesting is that mobile gaming has matured, and gamers that want to be playing the most fun and most creative games out there, regardless of the platform, can no longer ignore mobile."

Of course, this is all a big tease, because the actual hardcore-friendly games will be charted on the site _next_ week (doh!) - but would anyone out there like to nominate games that the hardcore might care about on cellphones? For my part, I'd like to point out Dirge Of Cerberus: Lost Episode, which Amp'd Mobile just grabbed a 3-month exclusive for in North America - interesting stuff.