sisto.jpg The Boston Globe has a fun little piece about hanging out with artist Ben Sisto, who is just finishing up Boston art-scene 'thing', and is taking a virtual gallery online, into Second Life.

Apparently, Sisto "hopes to " a virtual gallery (users pay for 'parcels of land' in Second Life) and host art exhibits focusing on media and technology. Then, other users can 'teleport' their avatars to the gallery to view the work." His friend and real-life gallery owner Rebecca Gordon is skeptical of the virtual world concept as a fair comparison, though: "If you're actually telling me running a gallery in Second Life is equitable to running a gallery in real life, you're wrong."

But there's one spectre hanging over this whole enterprise - beard modeling in Second Life. "'My beard really did get huge,' Sisto says as he hovers over one of the glass squares. 'I've never seen my beard from this level'." If this is his beard, we're going to speculate that it will act as a denial of service attack if implemented in the game.