beast.jpg I was discussing the phenomenon of very specific, incredibly well-researched game information projects with FrankC the other day (MobyGames is obviously the best multi-platform solution, but many other projects drill down into specialized areas), and brought up the 'Hall Of Light' Amiga game database, which you may not be aware of, but is... well, crazily detailed.

If you check out the top 99 most-viewed games of recent, you'll get an idea of the kind of insane database/scan info available for all Commodore Amiga titles - for example, Shadow Of The Beast II, that classic Psygnosis parallax side-scroller, has everything from hi-res box scans to in-game maps and beyond, and all spectacularly cross-referenced - here's Psygnosis' publisher page, for example.

So, whether you want to know about Speedball 2 (mm, Bitmap Brothers!), or even The Great Giana Sister (mm, completely banned classic Mario ripoff!), there's something for all Amiga fans at HOL - and I find myself wishing that they'd bring their insane detailing to bear on other platforms, too - though sites like Lemon for Commodore 64 do a pretty kickass job for their particular computers.