mariosun The wacky japesters at Vintage Computing have returned to previously profiled Mario modder DahrkDaiz, and are now wandering through his early back catalog of weird and wonderful hacks.

The game they profile this time (albeit an unfinished hack!) is Mario Seasons, "...a colorful, impressive overhaul of the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES. Notable changes to Super Mario Bros. in this hack include a new power-up, new levels, a new enemy (”Dry Bones” from SMB3, which even comes back to life when you stomp him), completely new graphics (most of which were taken from Super Mario Bros. 3), “slightly different physics” (according to DahrkDaiz), and the ability to save your stage progress between games."

Writer RedWolf notes: "DahrkDaiz did such a good job with the graphics and animations that it’s often hard to remember that you’re not playing a Super Mario Bros. 3-based hack (Try to remember that you can’t pick up a stomped Koopa in this game like in SMB3!)." Mm, we wonder if mashing-up Mario makes Miyamoto mad?