princeweb.jpg So, GSW was at the 2006 Webby Awards at the Cipriani in New York last night, since sister site Gamasutra ended up winning the 'Games-Related' Webby, yay.

Other nominees in our category were CNET Networks' GameSpot (which picked up the audience-voted People's Voice Award, and who we chatted to during the ceremony), encyclopedic game site MobyGames, IGN Entertainment's GameSpy, and review aggregation site Metacritic. We also ran into the guys from, who won the People's Voice award for Games for their free webgame site, and were very nice Brits, and one of whom actually reads GSW (hi!).

As you may know, your speeches are limited to just five words if you win a Webby - host Rob Corddry of The Daily Show warned winners that an on-stage attendant would kick them in the balls once for every word they went over! In fact, the full list of 5-word speeches are now up on the site - Gamasutra's is listed as 'heart plus science equals games' - hah, it was actually: 'ART plus science equals games'. But we like their version better, maybe?

But heck, forget about the boring webgeeks who won awards - the highlights were Gorillaz accepting for Artist Of The Year in bizarre puppet form (Murdock and 3D appeared sitting on a balcony like The Muppets' Statler & Waldorf and rambling incoherently in conversation with Corddry.) And then, Prince turned up to get his Lifetime Achievement Award for selling albums online ahead of almost anyone, played a song about being independent and digital (and diminutive and salacious!), and then threw his guitar over his head and walked off stage. Dude. Prince. GSW took some pictures of the 'Purple Rain' guy and the Gorillaz chaps, if you want to see.

Anyhow, we were delighted to win (first time ever, after Gamasutra was nominated way back in 2000 or so!), and we promise to continue to kick ass with Gama, GSW, Game Developer, and all our properties in the near/far future. Also, we saw Prince!