ecos.jpg Over at the Second Life-centric New World Notes blog, Wagner James Dio (hee!) has excellently illuminated Laukosargas Svarog's island of Svarga in the virtual world, one that's a fully functioning ecosystem in its own right.

As is explained, the island adds " or something like it to the verdant-looking but arid palette Linden Lab offers with its world. It begins with her artificial clouds, which are pushed along by Linden's internal wind system", and the user acting as a developer, a "two decade veteran of the UK music and game industry" who formerly worked on Black & White at Lionhead, has some other interesting comments.

Mainly, it's revealed: "Nearly all of the plant-life in this area of the sim is part of a beta test for a fully functional artificial ecology system for Second Life. Everything is actually growing and replicating by itself... Little tiny scripted bees fly between fertile flowers distributing "pollen" which contains "genes" describing the plant it belongs to" - and it goes on from there. V. neat stuff.