civgage.jpg That wacky new VH1 Game Break site has pointed to something quite neat - Nokia is now offering both playable demos and digital downloads of full N-Gage games, apparently as a precursor to the next-gen N-Gage platform, which will be almost entirely Xbox Live Marketplace stylee, from what we can divine.

Game Break notes: "You can play everything from “Mile High Pinball,” one of last year’s best games, to “Pathway to Glory,” which has great multiplayer capabilities." Actually, we didn't like Mile High Pinball that much, but a bunch of N-Gage titles, particularly those released later in its lifespan, are seriously good fun - the official site has a full list of downloads.

Actually, we've previously discussed other people's surprising love for the software available on the console (even if the hardware is still horrid as both a phone and a handheld) - we quote: "Some key highlights of the N-Gage library (which is what...53 games strong right now?) are: Pathway to Glory and Pathway to Glory Ikusa Islands (86% and 78% on Gamerankings),High Seize (87% on Gamerankings), Glimmerati (87% on Gamerankings), Pocket Kingdom (70.1% on Gamerankings), Civilization (74% on Gamerankings), Rifts (83% on Gamerankings), Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (86% on Gamerankings) and soon Warhammer 40,000: Glory in Death."