gitaroo.jpg We've been eagerly awaiting the release of Gitaroo Man Live! (the PS2 rhythm game from Inis, the Ouendan folks!) for the PSP, as you can see from a recent GSW post on the subject. Well, the guys frmo Siliconera have reviewed the PSP import version of the game, and all sounds wonderful.

Spencer Yip notes: "The new tracks are the highlight of Gitaroo Man Live since everything else has already been done in the PS2 version. The new songs have a lot to live up to since Gitaroo Man’s soundtrack is one of the best original video game soundtracks to date. Metal Header is the first new song you’ll be able to play. The song has fast lyrics and a happy punk rock feel to it. Also this song has English vocals."

But wait, there's more: "Metal Header has Kira and Gitaroo Man battle a purple robot who turned their back up musicians (comprised of people dressed in panda, rabbit and monkey suits) into bats. Toda Passion is an awesome addition to Gitaroo Man. The song has an island beat to it with bongo beats mixed in. In this stage Puma, U1 and Kira are chasing a cat that is flying in a spaceship. If you’re digging the new songs or any of the other tracks in the game you can freely play them in jukebox mode. It’s the same thing as having a Gitaroo Man CD in your discman." Oo!

So basically, great stuff, and: "Koei announced that they will be publishing this under the name Gitaroo Man Lives! in North America for a fourth quarter release." The world is saved!