thiefiii.jpg Something we wanted to remind everyone, cos it's another 'sister site' thing - we just posted another audio lecture from a previous Game Developers Conference (2002, in this case!) on the official website, which now has weekly game development-related podcasts - every week!

The latest free audio lecture is from Ion Storm's then-Project Director Randy Smith discussing stealth gameplay fundamentals in the Thief series, in a talk titled 'GDC Radio: Design Fundamentals of Stealth Gameplay in the Thief Series' - some neat design concepts on sneakin' around. In addition, previous lectures have included a very neat GDC 2006 talk on community in Spore from Maxis' Caryl Shaw. [You can also pay to grab other specific lectures from the pretty darn comprehensive archives.]

The 'GDC Radio' archived podcasts from previous Game Developers Conferences are on alternate weeks, and then you'll see the Gamasutra podcasts on the other weeks - consisting of panels moderated by Fat Pixels Radio's Tom Kim, these are turning out awesome so far, and the upcoming Next-Generation Development one (hopefully debuting next Tuesday!) should be particularly good. Here's the podcast feed URL for all of the GDCRadio podcasts, if anyone hasn't signed up yet.