Remember when we gave away some way cool Death Jr. swag? Yeah. Those were good times. I think of them often. And then remember how later on we gave out a brand new VGPocket 50, the only portable game system to ever let you play such mind-blowing classics as Mr. Onion and Pop the Lop anywhere you want to?

I bet you were compelled to say "man, that GameSetWatch got the GOODS." And you would be right, we did got the goods. But it was only one goods, and everyone knows that more goods is more good. So this time we got more. Ten of them, in fact. But it wasn't easy.


We sent our special operative monkey (or is it ape? we often mix up the two) Ai Ai on a top secret solo sneaking mission to locate and acquire ten copies of Metal Gear Saga: Volume 1, the way awesome documentary DVD that Konami released as a preorder bonus for Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence [And, of course, many thanks to Konami for providing them to us - buy their games! Now!]. The DVD is fun to watch, but more importantly, it goes for about $20 on eBay, and I need to eat.


Our orangutan operative easily located the secret underground base of one Jeremiah C. Penguin, a bloated hoarder of rare videogame merchandise, who had acquired so many copies of Metal Gear Saga: Volume 1 that he built a moderate cabin out of them. Always one for the direct approach, Ai Ai knocked on his door.


Jeremiah is never happy to entertain visitors.


But I am not here to be entertained, thought Ai Ai.


Drunk with power, Ai Ai hopped on top of Jeremiah's roof, and started preaching a sermon for some strange chimpanzee religion, for which he was both the sole proprietor and member. Jeremiah was furious!


"Hey, get down from my roof, you crazy hominoidea!" said Jeremiah, shaking his greasy fin at the air. And that's just what Ai Ai did.


But Ai Ai only knows how to do things violently, and soon Jeremiah's rare and valuable collection came crashing down on him. All in a day's work, thought Ai Ai, stereotypically, before securing all ten copies of Metal Gear Saga: Volume 1 and bringing them back to GameSetWatch HQ.

Turns out we're not legally allowed to sell these things so, hey, you guys want them? Would YOU like to own a brand new, slightly bloodstained copy of Metal Gear Saga: Volume 1 on DVD? Of course you would! Here's how. Simply answer the following bit of videogame trivia:

In Konami's original Metal Gear Solid, what CODEC frequency is used to contact Meryl Silverburgh? (hint: back of the case!)

Please send your answers to [email protected] any time before Friday, June 30th at 12 noon PST. There will be ten winners randomly picked from the correct answers, the judges' decision is final, so don't give me no guff. You wouldn't want Secret Agent Ai Ai knocking on your door, now would you?