vgpocket2.jpg Having just given away some fun Death Jr. swag, we're continuing on the marvellously random competition front, and this time, we're giving away a crazed pink handheld with a whole bunch of built-in retro-styled games - the VG Pocket 50-game edition!

As you can see from the official website, the VGPocket series works as both a handheld with 2-inch color TFT screen, and (when plugged into a TV!) as a 'TV game', runs on included batteries, and includes a whole bunch of custom-created NES/SNES-style 2D games, with titles as varied as 'Street Racing' (looks a bit like Spy Hunter), 'Table Ball' (looks a bit like Shufflepuck Cafe), Pool Pro (hey, it's pool!), and, uhh, 'Pop The Lop'. Whatever the hell that is. Oh, and 'Road Works', which is a bit Pipemania-y!

vgpocket1.jpg So, thanks to the VGPocket guys, we can give away one Retro Classic version of the VGPocket handheld, if you can answer the following multiple-choice, and not terribly difficult question relating to another handheld with 'Pocket' in the title:

"What year was the Game Boy Pocket released In?
a) 1991 b) 1996 c) 2001"

Please send your answers to [email protected] any time before Tuesday, June 14th at 12 noon PST. There will be only one winner randomly picked from the correct answers, the judges' decision is final, and that's that. Have fun!