vgpocket2.jpg We've randomly picked the winner of our VG Pocket 50-game edition in the latest GameSetCompetition, so congrats to the alien cyborg (we can only presume!) named Nerox91.

Martian madman Nerox91 will now be teleporting to his local starcade to play happily with the VGPocket, which works as both a handheld with 2-inch color TFT screen, and (when plugged into a TV!) as a 'TV game'. Also, if you were wondering what the answer was, here we go:

"What year was the Game Boy Pocket released In?
a) 1991 b) 1996 c) 2001"

Yes, yes, Wikipedia is your friend! This isn't the last GameSetCompetition, either - sometime in the near future, we'll be debuting a nice new one thanks to our friends at Konami, yay.