deathjrswagsm.jpg Thanks to all who entered the recent Death Jr. competition to help promote the new Death Jr. titles being released later this year (and developer Backbone's largesse in general).

The lucky winner, who gets the pictured loot (click on the pic to enlarge!) - a Death Jr. T-shirt, a mini 'C-4 Hamster' action figure (!), and best of all, a special metal Death Jr. Case Core Coffincase, is Torin Macbeth - congrats, Torin, we'll be sending you the coffin later this week, maybe you can find some small songbirds to bury in it.

And, for those wondering the answer to the question: "When Death Jr. and friends appeared on the June/July 2005 issue of GSW sister publication Game Developer magazine, DJ was brandishing a scythe and pointing to a graph. What 'hilarious' joke descriptors are on the two axes of the graph?"?

Well, the cover scan is available online, but one of the axes was partially obscured, so you had to work out that the amusing descriptors were 'Death & Taxes'. So there! Oh, and we're going to have another competition starting soon, so watch out for that.