tengo.jpg We have to admit that it completely slipped our radar, but luckily, the guys at the British Gaming Blog have pointed out Rhythm Heaven, aka Rhythm Tengoku for the Game Boy Advance, noting: "You see, it looks just like any other crazy Japanese game, but this one’s being made by Nintendo, and the same studio responsible for the amazingly addictive and totally crazy Wario Ware series." [Though an IGN report claims the developer is 'J.P.Room' - anyone know who that is?]

[UPDATE - over at NeoGAF, Jonnyram notes that J.P.Room is the music group/company involved, and the Wario Ware folks are the designers - excellent - in fact, looks like that's the thread that British Gaming Blog took the news from in the first place.]

The post continues: "Out on Game Boy Advance on the 3rd of August (in Japan), play revolves around small, rhythm based mini games, where you match songs, tap things in time to music and other crazy challenges.
Rhythm Heaven’s difficulty increases not by pace, but by the precision that you must use to conduct, tap, pluck and who knows what else."

Judging by the screenshots, the Nintendo-published game does indeed look pretty neat - but what are the chances it'll ever get a U.S. release on GBA, given that the DS is in full swing now over here and licensed kids' titles tend to rule the roost in the West on the Game Boy? We can only hope...