dnem.jpg Planet Doom has managed to spot that IGN-owned FilePlanet has opened a little oldschool PC demo download page, where, as they point out:"In this section you can grab the first releases of such games as Diablo, Half Life and even the Classic DOOM."

Obviously, standard annoying FilePlanet download queue rules apply, but some of the fun links include the original Duke Nukem 3D shareware episode, as well as the Shadow Warrior demo from the 3DR chaps - uh, slightly suspect screenshot there, chaps.

In Shadow Warrior, lest we forget: "You are Lo Wang, Shadow Warrior, an assassin who has no qualms with decapitating his foe and using the head as a weapon. Indeed, in Shadow Warrior, you will have the chance to wield throwing stars, katanas, four-barreled shotguns, nukes, and heavily armed vehicles -- anything to snuff the life out of your doomed enemies." And I'm sure we all want a Lo Wang, right?