gclub.gif We get a bunch of interesting emails to sister site Gamasutra that we don't have room for, and here's a prime example - a tipoff from Bay Area developer Fantasy Lab on its new game engine for PC/next-gen consoles.

There's some neat stuff here, primarily demo images/videos on real-time global illumination in the engine, of which it's explained: "For simplicity and flexibility we use a new technique in the Fantasy Engine that allows us to compute global illumination on the fly. The system is simple to use since any surface in a scene can be a light source for, reflect light onto, or shadow any surface in the scene, including itself." And it looks hawt.

Also neat is the section on Subdivision Surfaces with Displacement Mapping, showing how a 500,000 polygon model is created with just 1,700 polygons, plus, uhh, subdivisions and displacement mapping, like it says on the tin. Does Unreal Engine 3 have all of the above? We're a little hazy on the technical specifics at any given time - all we know is that the accompanying movies are real pretty.