Former GSW blogger Tony Walsh has some excellent new information about space-based MMO Eve Online holding a large-scale video/audio streaming event to showcase some in-world tournaments taking place next month.

Walsh explains: "CCP, maker of the popular, massively multiplayer sci-fi game EVE Online, has announced that it will be broadcasting live audio and video programs across the `net from its offices between July 14 and 23, 2006. The broadcast coincides with a planned tournament, allowing viewers to see and hear all 95 matches with commentary. A high and low quality video stream will be provided, as well as an audio-only stream for those who prefer it."

He also notes: "Planned features include a tour of the CCP offices, information about the company's in-house magazine (which pays writers with in-game cash), and live interviews with CCP developers." CCP have been one of the most pro-active MMO firms in terms of stimulating in-game community, especially since they've managed to keep with one gigantic shard for in-game world use, and this looks like another good community-building event from them.