China.jpg It appears that it's that time of week again when a new issue of The Escapist Magazine appears, and this time, it goes like this: "There’s no denying China’s eminent presence in the video game industry. How is this existence making an impact? The Escapist takes a look at China’s involvement in the video game industry in issue 49: “New China.”"

From the blurb they sent us: "Feature contributor Thomas Wilburn discusses how piracy is the engine behind China’s economy in “How China Cheats at the Video Game Industry.” In “China Game, China Brain” Simon Abramovitch compares the human brain to game companies as systems of connected elements. And Allen Varney returns with a look at the state of the Chinese online gaming market and how it will soon be number one in “Red Blindness.”"

All of these articles look good - but we particularly enjoy Wilburn's piece, starting: "Standing on the top floor of a large, mall-like shopping center in downtown Xi'an, there was no way for me to know that the shrink-wrapped King of Fighters collection was an illegal copy."