carica.jpg Over at Wired News' game blog, they have confirmation that Nintendo's Wii hardware stores player profiles and caricatures, thanks to a leftover interview with Katsuya Eguchi conducted during this year's E3.

As is explained over the thus far mysterious feature: "Wii hardware will include a feature by which players can create "profiles" of themselves that include not only personal information but a caricature of their face that any Wii game will be able to access and use, as seen in the demonstration of Wii Sports Tennis."

Eguchi further comments: "The caricatures will exist in the hardware, as data, as one of several profiles that you could save in the Wii. And if you insert compatible software into the Wii, it will pull up the images that you chose", noting: "We're focusing on creating an editing tool that will allow players to create images as well as allow users to select one of several already-created images, if they're not artistically inclined."

This sounds, as with a whole bunch of other Wii features, extremely neat - I wonder if they'll go as far as including art tools in the creator, or whether it'll just be mix and match eyebrows and chins? In any case, personalization is big right now (see the Xbox Live Vision camera for another example, yay!)