edocl.jpg So, in the world of ARGs (alternate reality games - keep up, class!), EDOC Laundry is one of the most innovative and oddest, revolving, as it does, entirely around items of clothing that you buy which have clues embedded in them.

The Wired Magazine article introducing the concept last year explained: "This is the first time that apparel has been used to disseminate clues in an ARG; the games usually rely upon hidden messages in TV shows, movies, Web sites, faxes, emails, or IMs. “Fashion as the story delivery mechanism got me really excited” explains designer Elan Lee, who was also behind I Love Bees, the award winning ARG used to virally market Halo 2. As players decode the messages in Edoc Laundry garments, an alternate world unfolds. Poor Richard, the band fabricated to provide the plot for the game, lost its manager."

Now, ARGN has a fresh update on the ARG, explaining: "Anticipated for months, the EDOC Laundry game rushed to the stage to belt out its ARG rock this week with a preview of the next season of clothing, two new websites, and more mystery swirling around its characters. Also new to EDOC Laundry is the unveiling of their eStore, where customers can purchase clothing online directly from EDOC." There also a fan Wiki if you want to explore further - intriguing stuff.