7ths.jpg We haven't linked to fun shooter-related indie blog The2Bears for a while, and now they've come up with a freeware indie game creator to watch, Sweden's very pseudonymous 'DrPetter'.

The2Bears folks are particularly singling out 7th Swarming Of The Machines, done for the recent Ludum Dare competition, commenting: "It’s a nice little shooter of sorts. All you need to worry about is left and right, thrust and fire. And not getting crushed between platforms."

But they also note: "I've become a fan of DrPetter and his games. There's Shmester 5000 [and] POC06." We particularly like the look of Shmester 5000, which "...has an interesting power-up system. Catch and collect orbs, which will act as shields for you (they’re able to absorb 1 or 2 hits based on colour). Or, convert your orbs into a weapons upgrade, 4 orbs per upgrade. You can even go down a notch, gaining 4 orbs again. Cool, very cool."