turds.jpg So, who says bathroom humor is dead? Certainly not Codemasters and its Funsta.com casual game subsidiary, who are mailing us about, wait for it, a poop-related Donkey Kong pastiche.

Here's the sullied email in question: "I'm reaching out to you on behalf of M80 and Ignited Minds regarding the launch of an online game called Donkey Pong And The Adventures Of Rimdiana Jones. Have you heard of it? If not, it is the first from The Turds collection of roguish comedic characters born from the best of toilet humour."

We actually got sent a lovely poster as a promotional consideration for The Turds, who are apparently some kind of pop culture phenmenon in oxygen-starved parts of the world - also on the site is, uhm, 'Bogger' (yes, Frogger!), and forthcoming very soon is Poobert (ahem, Q-Bert), and amazingly, Dung Beetle Rally - the first game to star dung beetles since Schadenfreude's seminal 'Dung Ho!'. We have no words. But we must scream!