deadhand.jpg We spotted this a little while ago, but ex-GSW editor TonyW has done a great job at writing it up: "The PR folks from Canada's Fuel Games let me know that Dead Man's Hand, their latest advergame, has been launched in support of the TV series Deadwood. The series [is] a mud-spattered, gin-soaked view of life and death in an American frontier camp."

Tony concludes of the game: "Dead Man's Hand draws players into the world of the TV show with complimentary activities such as gamblin' and drinkin' and shootin'--it's an example of game-based advertising that's low on the crass and high on the class."

But, as he also mentions, probably the most interesting thing about it is that it uses the Virtools web plug-in, a relatively little used web browser extension which nonetheless can create impressive 3D in a browser, and is also used for a few 2D casual games like several of Flashbang Studios' titles. It's not a top tier Unreal Engine contender, but if you can wrestle it into submission, it seems to make good stuff.

[OFFTOPIC: On the Virtools engine front, here's actually a student competition to make (non-web browser) Virtools engine games right now, rather bizarrely themed around Shiny's Dave Perry, and called "David Perry's Best Video Game Weapon Ever!" But how do we get a 'David Perry - Recommended' "personal stamp of approval", darn it?]