One of the few GSW semi-obsessions (along with Gizmondo and Gametap) is innovative ARG-totin' firm 4orty 2wo Entertainment, so we're pleased to note a new news story announcing their latest project, an IM-centered puzzle game promoting the Johnny Depp-tastic Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

ARGN explains: "Dead Man's Tale has led us to raise the Jolly Roger and lose ourselves in the world of Billy Bones, through the magic of Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger software. A promotion for the upcoming movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, the IM-based game allows you to add Billy as a friend, and starting a conversation with the skeletal character moves you further into the story with text scripts and fun games and puzzles that load within the messenger window."

What's more, they've now uncovered an article at ad site Adotas confirming the webgame/IM hybrid, which sounds like fascinating stuff: "Live Messenger allows users to play a game or open an activity in one window while having a conversation in another, creating a relationship between the activity and conversation. In Dead Man’s Tale, one aspect utilizing this feature allows players to man the ship and beat enemies with cannon fire. One player assumes the role of the lookout while a second controls the cannon, all while being at their own separate computers. Other puzzles actually pit players against each other."