Apparently twistedly 'inspired' by sister site Gamasutra's game postmortems, a new site Gawd's Museum of Dissected Games, has been set up to take games apart from a hacker perspective - a 'postmortem' by dissection via an unrelated party!

The first of these is for John Carmack and John Romero's PC shareware platformer Dangerous Dave 2, for which it's explained: "If you have never played dave2, you may think that this is yet another platformer in the favor of Command Keen; well, if you have played it, you know it’s closer to the Doom frenchise. Master Tom Hall designed this game for Softdisk’s Gamer’s Edge disk right after leaving Softdisk and founding id. With Adrian Carmack on the graphics, the game featured so much gore (for pixelated graphics, of course) that some of it had to be removed."

Thus, 'Gawd' explains how he took the game's files apart to extract all of the sprite data, even including the programs he used to do so, and concluding: "As I mentioned earlier, I am passionate about making a new Dave episode. There are actually 7 other Dangerous Dave games, but nobody speaks of them. I am talking about a game that is featuring Dave’s cold personality, with Metal Slug-like levels and Castlevania-like bosses, and of course Paul Robertson’s mighty Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fighter 2006-like body count and blood-sprinklers." Woo, blood-sprinklers!