ufo.jpg One of our favorite quirky journalism sites, Gelf Magazine, has popped up with an interview with cult leader Rael, "the 59-year old French prophet formerly known as Claude Vorilhon."

You may have particularly heard of the Raelians in relation to human cloning (though Rael comments: "The press conference which Dr. Boisselier gave in Miami when the baby Eve announcement was made, we were not even present. Nobody was representing the Raƫlian movement"). But in this case, it's the video game-related aspect of the interview - Rael's love of PC racing sim Live For Speed.

Rael explains: "Yes, we have our own [in-game racing] team [in Live For Speed]. It's not sponsored, it's our own team. Some members who love racing cars and me. You know, I was a pro racer before and I quit racecar driving five years ago. But I still race on Live For Speed with our friends and I enjoy it."

Later, he raves to the interviewer: "You can download Live For Speed from the website in England and it's something like forty dollars. You just need a good wheel and pedal and here you are. It's really the real thing. You only miss the g-force. But it's much more comfortable." So, if you're looking for loony co-racers, here's a great first stop! [Via Kotaku.]