ouendan.jpg Our love for DS title Ouendan, now coming to the U.S. as Elite Beat Agents, knows (relatively) no boundaries, and thus, we were delighted to see that Cracked Rabbit Gaming has set up a website linking to all the YouTube music videos for the Ouendan songs, as performed by their original J-Pop artists.

As the author notes something we didn't actually realize: "Like many music games, the recordings in the game are sound-alikes [with one exception]).", before going on to give us a brief lesson about a few of the bands featured prominently in the game.

In particular, he notes of Morning Musume's Koi no Dance Site video: "Morning Musume is an ever changing girl j-pop band. The members change often (similar to Menudo). The current members are not the same ones seen in this video from when the song was released. If you watch the Colbert Report you may have seen a clip of some girls with meat headbands screaming at a lizard (they show it a lot)…that was them!" Woo! [Via NeoGAF.]