[Our Blazing Destiny is a weekly comic by Jonathan "Persona" Kim about our society, cultural postdialectic theory, and video games. And sometimes about hedgehogs that run really, really fast.]

This time round, here's our special Persona explanation of what the heck is going on below: "This comic centers on the wonderful history of Sonic's aural representation. Ever since his first yelps of synthesized asphyxiated pain, Sonic has developed his voice and his appearances for the modern world, showing off his heroism with such choice phrases as 'NOT MY DAY!!', 'LET'S GET 'EM!', 'THAT WAS TIGHT!', and my favorite: 'HEY GUY!!'"

"Following this evolutionary path, my dream for the next Sonic game is to just have Sonic constantly screaming at me in pure Engrish jibberish as he run into walls and consequently clip through the floor to a watery grave. 'OK!' "


[Jonathan "Persona" Kim is sometimes a character animation student at the California Institute of the Arts, other times a ninja illustrator, but in his heart, a true comic artist looking for his destiny in the sea of stars. His path on the torrid road of comics include a quarterly manga on The Gamer's Quarter and his website on the internet drawing hub Mechafetus.com. He'll also be attending Anime Expo this year at the Artist Alley selling a new doujinshi full of game-parodies and random nonsense. Come out and see him!]