[Our Blazing Destiny is a new weekly comic by Jonathan "Persona" Kim about our society, cultural postdialectic theory, and video games. And a lot of Metal Gear jokes, it seems.]

This week, Persona continues on the tres amusant Metal Gear Solid tip, and here's his explanation of the thought process this time:

"This comic revolves around Liquid and his truly disturbing fixation with 'Outer Heaven.' I mean, what kind of horrible ego-destroying child-raising did Big Boss do that drives Liquid to constantly recreate the relationship of Boss vs. Snake? Liquid's desire to succeed where his father didn't is so intense that not even designer virus-instigated death is enough to stop him! At this rate, the only thing Snake can do to truly stop Liquid is to take Ocelot and throw him entirely into a vat of molten iron, making sure every ounce of his spectre-conducting, mustached body is gone."

"Then Snake would have to jump in himself so that Liquid doesn't do some instant body-transferring from the moment Snake had to grab Ocelot and threw him in. There at the iron factory, Otacon would then sob to himself, whimpering a last 'Can love bloom on a battlefield?' (or a 'Your mother seduced me!') as Old Snake's artificially aged body gets licked by the flames of hot iron, his withered hand giving one last thumbs up to the world." So there!

Oral Fixation.

[Jonathan "Persona" Kim is sometimes a character animation student at the California Institute of the Arts, other times a ninja illustrator, but in his heart, a true comic artist looking for his destiny in the sea of stars. His path on the torrid road of comics include a quarterly manga on The Gamer's Quarter and his website on the internet drawing hub Mechafetus.com. He'll also be attending Anime Expo this year at the Artist Alley selling a new doujinshi full of game-parodies and random nonsense. Come out and see him!]