I'm losing it...[The 'Game Rag Slapdown' is an exclusive bi-weekly Thursday feature written by The Game Rag's Nathan Smart that's always video game related, sometimes funny ha ha, but mostly funny hee hee (and sometimes funny, period). This week, Nathan Smart and his non-video game playing friend discuss the week's news, in a very special, podcast edition of The 'Game Rag Slapdown.']

I decided this week to do something I've always wanted to do and that's record a podcast with my friend Zachariah. He's a really funny guy and someone who I really like to write with. I couldn't think of anything in particular to podcast about but then I remembered an idea I had a long time ago - a podcast with a video game expert and a comedian. I guess, when you think about it, it's sort of like Loveline except without the incest and fetish.

So, here's this week's edition of the Game Rag Slapdown in podcast form:


A couple of corrections:

-Christian Slater was not in K-9 - that is correct. BUT, he was in a movie called Kuffs (another dog movie) and that is where the confusion was.
-Ellen Pompeo is on Grey's Anatomy.
-Rachel Bilson is on The O.C.

[Nathan Smart is a fake news writer for The Game Rag and really enjoys the benefits of it (no facts, no research, no real interviews). He also does Bobby McFerrin versions of indie rock songs with his one man group Indie Blockedappella. He thinks things are funny.]