So, we've previously covered the extremely cultish PC dojin title Cave Story, as produced by Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya.

Well, now a bunch of remix-loving fans have created a double album of Cave Story music remixes based on Pixel's original songs for the game, and ending up with 22 music tracks plus a bonus track, a result of which the Cave Story LJ fanlisting reveals that Pixel commented: "Each track thrilled me and made me smile, and every one of them impressed me. Are these professionals? I'm so glad now that I made that game. ... I feel very fortunate." Hurray!

There's plenty of love on the official forums, too, though if you don't dig OCRemix-style guitars and synths VG mixxy styles, this may not be your cup of tea, but some dig it a lot: "These tracks are awesome, and have totally rekindled my love for Cave Story. I clearly have some favorites, mostly due to the fact that some of the originals are better than others, but in terms of quality of mixing, all of you did a fantastic job." [Via Indygamer.]