cathys.jpg As you know, we do try to cover alternate reality games (ARGs) here on GSW, and one of the most notable firms in the area (if not _the_ pioneers) are 4orty 2two Entertainment, as headed by Jordan Weisman of FASA/WizKids fame.

Anyway, we didn't understand properly, until we read the press release, abouta new book called 'Cathy's Book: If Found Call 650-266-8233' being published this October, and created by 42's Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman, with a promotional tie-in to CoverGirl cosmetics.

The press release explains: ""Cathy's Book ... " is the story of a teen girl who decides to investigate the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend. She documents her investigation in a journal, filled with her notes, sketches and pieces of evidence. An immersive experience, the book is filled with clues and the reader can follow where they lead, including phone and web elements."

So this is an book featuring some ARG elements for teen girls that you actually pay to buy ($17.95 for the hardcover) - a really interesting attempt to reach a new market from the folks who did The Beast and the resoundingly successful I Love Bees.

[Oh, and we just noticed that a New York Times article on the book helped spawn an attack against the commercial placement in it, which led to a defensive press release from Perseus explaining: "The authors then came to us with the idea of extending the main character's journey (and the reader's experience) from not only the book and fictional websites but onto the real websites of CoverGirl and No money was paid for product placement." Fun!]