bbuild.jpg The nice guys at Chronic Logic sent us an email to announce a free competition version of Bridge Builder, their fun PC physics-based construction game, and a new competition in association with ATI - and the full details follow below!

"Chronic Logic has released a FREE contest version of their award winning Bridge Construction Set (BCS) video game.  This special contest release allows new users to experience some of the excitement that comes with owning Bridge Construction Set.  It also gives both current owners as well as those looking to try out Bridge Construction Set the opportunity to win some great prizes.  The contest is hosted by, an excellent fan site with a very active community.  To participate in the bridge building contest and get in on the prizes, just download one of the free contest versions of the Bridge Construction Set and read the contest rules. Chronic Logic has made the free contest versions available for Windows, OSX, and Linux to make sure that all users can participate.  All valid entries will have a chance to win a free Chronic Logic Game, and the cheapest bridge in each category will win themselves a brand new ATI card.

If you already own Bridge Construction Set you can just grab the contest level, and begin your building.  The full version of BCS can be purchased for $19.95 directly from Chronic Logic. The contest ends at 10 p.m. GMT on Sunday, July 9th, at which time all entries will be tested and the results will be announce within the next few days." Neat!