breakq.gif A while ago, we were pretty obsessed with gorgeously physics-enhanced PC Breakout variant BreakQuest, so it's great to see that Fun-Motion has put up an interview with BreakQuest creator Fèlix Casablancas.

He explains of the concept behind the title: "I always liked breakout games, but I wanted one were you could feel in control so I thought about it and got the idea that a physics engine plus ‘advanced’ geometry (spline like bumper) would do it. There are too many breakout games out there so without this innovation I wouldn’t have done another one."

Again, there's some interesting comments regarding Felix's next game, which also reveals that BreakQuest was perhaps just a little hardcore for casual game portals: "You’re right, the next game is a color-matching game, but the matching rules and the board are different than anything you’ve seen (at least I haven’t seen anything like that), think portals will like this one better than BreakQuest. After this one is made I think I’ll get back to arcade games, probably with physics. About a BreakQuest sequel, maybe in the long term but don’t really know."