bootor.jpg Oddly enough, we touched upon the problem of bootleg video games a couple of times in the past week (bootleg DS titles, rare PC engine games), and the Neo Geo community is another place where bootleg carts are particularly common, especially for the Neo Geo MVS arcade cartridges.

Thus, the guys at have set up an entire forum named 'Boot Or No Boot?', and set up to help people decide whether their beloved Metal Slug MVS cart is an original or tragically knocked off - and yes, also so people can make horrific Deal Or No Deal Photoshops!

There's also a fun, exceptionally fanboy thread on why people get upset with MVS to AES conversions - for those not in the know, some people will pick up the MVS arcade version of a rare game (much cheaper!) and transplant the guts into an AES home cart. Note the somewhat hilarious words from Amano Jacu: "Conversions were an ancient ritual performed by a tribe of primitive, wild AES fanatics. Some say they are still alive, hiding somewhere and offering carts as a sacrifice to the Neo Gods."