myst.jpg Back to the semi-crazed 3DO Interactive Multiplayer blog, where the latest game to receive attention is the 3DO version of 'all-time classic' 3D CD-ROM adventure Myst, and boy - attention it receives!

Let's try this on for size: "Good grief - this game is boring. Dull. Dull to be fair is something of understatement. Myst is equivalent to a thousand years spent watching paint fester and peel from a wall. You see, to watch paint dry, perhaps, would instill a sense of anticipation, of hope, of interest, something Myst fails to achieve on an epic scale. God spent two billion years watching the Earth cool-down before he started making worms and cardboard and stuff - which must have been two billion years well spent compared to playing Myst for 5 minutes."

The conclusion on Myst, which some 'gamers of a certain age' seem to adore, is that it pales in comparison to other poor 3DO game: "In summary - If you want to be bored, listless, aimless and wander about picking up pointless items and wishing your time away - I suggest you go to place of employment. There is no action. No guns. No aliens. No half naked women. No C-Class actors. No monsters. No animation. No jelly fish. No nothing. And the graphics have dated badly."

So, what do you guys think? Did Myst actually have a certain mythos, charm, and certitude that made it alluring, or was it always just a gimmicky use of CD-ROM technology that led into dark, random puzzle-based dulling dead ends? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments), please!