figuri.jpg You may have heard of UK media group Blast Theory from their 2005 Game Developers Choice 'Maverick' award for their multimedia ARG-like games such as Uncle Roy All Around You.

Well, now artblog We Make Money Not Art has posted info on Blast Theory's latest project, a game called Day Of The Figurines which is being run at this year's Sonar festival in Barcelona.

It's explained: "The game, set in a fictional gloomy town, unfolds over the three days of the Barcelona festival, each day representing an hour in the life of the town that shifts from the mundane to the cataclysmic." What's more: "The centrepiece of the game is a 3.5 x 5 meter model town – at the Centre de Cultura Comtemporània de Barcelona - created using pop up metal buildings, overlaid with computer graphics... Once there, you register, choose your figurine, give it a name, personalize it (kind of shoes it wears, favourite place when it was a kid, name, nickname) and your character is placed into the model town."

As for feedback: "Throughout the day, you get text messages from the game asking where you'd like to go in the town or how the figurine should react to the people it encounters and to some rather unpleasant situations." This seems to be multimedia game art that's actually compelling, as opposed to, uhh, artwank. Is artwank in the dictionary yet?